Rayzm Embroidery Banjo Strap

Price: 11.99
Brand: Rayzm
Model No.: Bstrap-1
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  • This hootenanny-designed woven banjo strap is made of embroidery knitted cotton with nylon backing ( the back of the strap in black color is made of nylon). It looks classic on your banjo.
  • The materials of this strap comfortably conform to your neck and shoulder when you play your banjo standing, allows the moisture to dissipate so you stay cool.
  • Zinc alloy metal clips are much more sturdy than plastic clips, so they can stand repeated taking on and off from your banjo. The metal clips are partly surrounded by plastic cover that will not scratch the finish of your precious banjo in use. (If you still worry about it, please wrap the clips in electrical tape)
  • Width : 5cm (standard size). The zinc alloy metal buckle is to adjust the strap length from 96cm to 162cm, suitable for various banjo types and most adult banjo players.
  • Genuine leather on both ends of the strap is very strong for a long service life. It is well made with nice pattern, even stitches makes the strap durable to use.

Product description

Rayzm banjo strap is the perfect mix of style, fashion and function. 
This 5cm wide jacquard weave banjo strap features with black nylon backing. 
The metal clip hooks are securely fastened to the strap by stitched authentic leather strap ends.
The metal clips are much more stronger than plastic clips, that you have no worries of accidental falling when you play your precious banjo standing. 
The metal buckle on the strap helps adjust the strap length from 96cm to 162cm, so that it suits for most adult banjo players. 
It feels light on the neck and shoulder due to the strap effectively spreading the weight. 
We are sure for what this strap cost, and the comfort provides for standing situations, it is a no-brainer. 

Note : 
The metal clips are partially coated with plastic cover to help no scratching to your precious banjo.
If you still worry about it, please use some electrical tape to wrap the clips in use. 

Specifications :
- Suits for : most types of banjos on the market
- Material : cotton + black nylon backing + leather ends
- Metal parts : zinc alloy length-adjusting buckle + clip hooks
- Length range : 96cm to 162cm
- Width: 5cm
- Package size : 32*5*2cm
- Weight : 170g


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