Rayzm cello end-pin stopper

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Brand: Rayzm
Model No.: RestC-1
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  • The wooden base is made of solid maple wood, non-slippery 3mm thick EVA underneath enhances friction on the floor to prevent cello from slipping or damaging the floor.
  • 5cm wide nylon strap can be adjusted its length from 38cm to 69cm to accommodate most cello players by the heavy-duty ABS plastic buckle. 6cm diameter metal ring attaches to a chair leg that the cellist is sitting on.
  • 4 adjusting holes greatly help you to choose the most comfortable position for playing, because sometimes you do not need to bend down to adjust the strap length for a comfortable position anymore. The diameter of 4 holes is 2cm, only for cello. (not for double bass)
  • Small size and light weight, good for transportation or storage. All parts of this product are using heavy duty materials that can stand long time use.
  • Stylish cello shape with nice paint and craftwork, it matches your cello perfect and makes you stand out from the crowd than people who use the common black rubber ones on the market.

Product description

Rayzm cello end pin stopper helps you to play with confidence for not slipping
Imagine how embarrassing it is when your cello slipping during performance ? Or how bad it is if your cello end pin damages your floor or carpet ? 
In order to prevent these kinds of situation, you can get a great end-pin stopper that not only protects your floor, but also provides a great anti-slip for your cello. 

Strap-based end pin anchor:
There is slipping risk for the "simple black hole" style end-pin anchor on the market, strap style is much better.
One end of the strap attaches to a leg of cellist's chair by the metal ring, and the other end makes contact with the cello end pin. 
The heavy strap is adjustable so you can change the angle of your cello to your comfort. 

Elegant cello-shaped wood base:
The wooden base is make of solid maple wood, the bottom side is covered with 3mm thick EVA to provide a non-slipping solution. 
4 stop holes help cellist quickly adjust to a proper playing position. 
The wooden base with nice appearance and good paint work is a great match for many cellos. 
It will certainly catch the attention of your audience.

Suitable for: Cello
Material: Solid maple wood + 3mm EVA pad + Nylon strap + ABS Buckle
Strap adjustable length: 38-69cm
Strap width: 5cm
4 Holes Diameter: 2cm
Metal ring diameter : 6cm
Wooden base size: 14.8*8.8*1.7cm
Box size: 26*9.5*2.2cm
Weight: 190g

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