Rayzm Guitar Strap Locks Set

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Brand: Rayzm
Model No.: GAsl-1
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  • Rayzm strap locks design to offer a secure way with no accidental falling when you play your precious guitar/bass standing by replacing the existing strap end-pins with these special strap locks.
  • The pack includes a pair of metal strap locks and a wrench. The strap lock with gold finish is not only beautiful in appearance , but also resistant to rust and corrosion for durable use.
  • The wrench included is to tighten the nut on the strap lock to make sure it won't get loose. The strap locks are easy to set up according to the instructions included the package.
  • The strap lock with quick release mechanism makes it very easy put on and remove your strap, just pull out the end of the lock, slide to the button to remove/install.
  • Note: These strap locks work perfectly for most types of electric/acoustic guitar and bass. However, if the original screws from your guitar are too bigger that don't match the buttons (usually the head size of your original screw might be too big that can not go through the hole of button), please email us for return.

Product description

Rayzm strap lock helps you to make sure your strap will not come out of your guitar by replacing your original end pins with these little devices.
It consists of a screw, a button, a felt (to protect your guitar's finish), a locking mechanism that attaches to the guitar strap, a washer and a nut to secure the locking device to the guitar strap. 
It is made of metal with golden finish for a long service life, works perfectly for most types of guitar and bass.
Each pack contains one pair of strap locks, a wrench and an instruction for easy installation.

Installation Steps :

1. Remove the existing strap button from your guitar with a screw-driver and save your old hardware. (Do not use an electric drill for this)

2. Separate the strap lock into two pieces by pulling the spring loaded shaft out and screw the button into the hole with a screwdriver.

Compare your old screw with the one included in this strap lock. 
①If your old screw is smaller, use the one included.
②If your old screw is bigger and can fit into the button, then place your old screw through the button and felt. (use your old screw)
③If your old screw (usually its head size) is too bigger that can not fit into the button, please email us for return. 

3. Remove the nut and washer from the lock.

4. Put the strap lock through the strap hole, put the washer and nut over it, use the included wrench to tighten the nut. 

5. Pull the end of the lock, slide it to the button , then you connect the strap lock.

6. Repeat the process to install the second lock on the other end of your guitar. 

Material : metal with golden finish
screw size: 5.8mm *3.5mm(as indicated in the photo)
Package includes: strap lock(2pc), wrench , instruction
Package size : 6*4.5*4cm
Gross weight: 62g

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