Rayzm Harmonica

Price: 9.99
Brand: Rayzm
Model No.: Ha-1
UPC: 608807075247
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  • The phosphor bronze reed plates with a thickness of 2mm offers the best responsiveness and delivers loud clear sound. (Many low-priced harmonicas make no or weak sound for some tones even when you make great effort on playing, especially the low tones)
  • Mirror stainless steel cover on both sides of this harmonica not only offers an anti-corrosion and anti-rust protection with less air leakage, but also gives an elegant shiny look.
  • This C key 10 holes harmonica use food grade resin comb that won't warp or swell, and is easier to clean. So you have no worries to give it to your little kids to play.
  • It comes along with a hard plastic case and a cleaning cloth. It delivers stable sound and easy to play, so it is a good option for both beginners as well as professional players.
  • It is ideal for various music styles such as jazz, folk, country, rock, and blues. It can also be used as a good complement to television entertainment, film and animations.

Product description

Rayzm harmonica that uses responsive reeds to deliver good sound with high volume, a good option for you or as a decent present to your families/friends. 

If you're a beginner who prefer to "test the waters", this Rayzm harmonica will get you off to a nice start.
It is solidly constructed and built to stand up to a vigorous use because of its durable and corrosion free design. 
This 10 Holes 20 Tones Harmonica makes a pure rich sound, is assembled with screws, easy for serious musicians to open up and adjust to their liking. 
So it is a perfect option for both harmonica lovers as well as beginners, especially perfect for people who are on tight budget but is not expecting a toy harmonica. 

- Solid black shinny stainless steel cover has less air leakage, enhances its durability and good look. 
- 2mm thick phosphor bronze reed plate to deliver a loud and powerful sound output, makes it more responsive than other common harmonicas.
- A non-toxic resin comb is light and more sanitary , delivers enhanced comfort to the players. 
- Has the highest level of craftsmanship to produce stable sound, easy to play (you do not need to play hard to get a tone like most low-priced harmonicas)
- Comes along with a protective case and a cleaning cloth, practice anywhere anytime for you. 

This harmonica is bigger and with better craftsmanship than other common harmonicas, so its sound is more louder and easier to play. Say goodbye to cheap low quality harmonicas! 

Color : Shinny Black
Material: Phosphor Bronze Reeds + Stainless Steel Cover + Resin Comb
Type: 10 holes 20 tones in key of C
Accessory: a plastic case, a cleaning cloth, an instruction 
Product dimensions: 10.3 *2.8 * 2.4cm 
Package dimensions: 12 *4.6 * 2.5cm 
Weight: about 119g

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