Rayzm Metronome Tuner for Guitar/Bass/Ukulele/Violin

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Brand: Rayzm
Model No.: MT-1
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  • 3 in 1 Device: Metronome (vocal) + Tuner + Tone generator in a pocket size of 11.3cm*5.4cm*1.2cm, easy to fit into ur gig bag. An extended kick stand on the back for your convenience. 1/4" input and output jacks help u tune ur instrument inline.
  • Multiple tuning modes: Guitar/Bass/Ukulele/Violin and Chromatic for all stringed instruments. 2 semi-tones flat tuning available in Guitar/Bass. Pitch calibration from 430-450HZ. Mic or clip-on pickup tuning for your need (Note: Mic tuning is only for very low noise environment, or use the included pickup for more accurate tuning)
  • Tap Tempo Metronome: offers a broad range of 30-250 Beats Per Minute, 10 beats and 8 rhythm patterns. Tap Tempo function lets you quickly set the desired tempo.
  • Small product size with big bright display for super easy reading, especially at dark places. Auto power off for no operation in 5 minutes to save energy. You could also train your ear with the tone generator for Chromatic (2A-6A), Guitar, Bass, Violin and Ukulele tones.
This is a great 3 in 1 metronome + tuner + tone generator. Whatever instrument you have, guitar, bass, ukulele, violin, It will help u get tuned in a second. 
If you have other stringed instruments like banjo, mandolin etc, you can also tune it with the Chromatic mode!You can tune your guitar or bass flat up to 2 semi-tones. 
Plug in or use the built-in Mic to start to tune.Don't want to keep plugging and unplugging? It has an output to keep the tuner inline and ready when you need it!
Multiple rhythms take this metronome to a higher level. You even can set your own tempo using the TAP TEMPO function and train your ear to A4 with the tone generator.

-Tuning range: A0(27.5Hz)~C8(4186Hz) 
-Tuning modes: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele
-Tuning precision: ±1Cent 
-A4 range:430~450Hz 
-Response time:<20ms
-Flat tuning for guitar /bass :N/A,b, bb
-Tuning method: Clip-on pickup or Built-in Mic 

For beginners, pls note: 
Tuner is designed to recognize the instrument's sound frequency and tell you the current note. Accordingly you loosen or tighten the string until the right note shows on the screen.
(For example, if you choose "guitar" mode to tune the 5th string of your guitar and the screen shows 4D, means the current note is sharp, loose the string until 5A in green color ) 

Tap Tempo Metronome :
-Tempo range:30~250 bpm 
-No.of Rhythms:8 
-Tempo precision:<1%

Tone Generator :
-Guitar:6E, 5A, 4D, 3G, 2B, 1E
-Bass:LB, 4E, 3A, 2D, 1G, HC 
-Violin:4G, 3D, 2A, 1E 
-Ukulele:4G, 3C, 2E, 1A 
-Precision: <1% 

Package size: 12*4*8.5cm
Weight: 115g 

Package includes: 
1 x 3 in 1 Metronome Tuner 
1 x Pickup 
1 x Instruction leaflet 
2 x AAA batteries


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