Rayzm Saxophone Strap

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Brand: Rayzm
Model No.: SStrap-3
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  • This Rayzm saxophone strap is made of light materials, not bulky that you can move freely during playing. Harness design spreads the weight of your saxophone evenly across your shoulders and neck to help avoid back and neck pain. Suitable for Alto, Tenor, Soprano and Baritone saxophones.
  • Soft 0.8cm thickness neoprene SBR memory foam is elastic that fits your neck and shoulder snug to provide you maximum comfort when playing.The material is breathable to help keep the strap dry. The leather on this strap is durable genuine cow leather to have a longer service life.
  • A heavy-duty metal swivel snap hook is easy to attach and release. More importantly it doesn't break easily so it is durable enough to hold your saxophone safe and sound. You have no risk of falling off your precious saxophone.
  • Two solid plastic buckles are to adjust the strap length to accommodate different body types, suits for both adults and children. If the nylon belts are too long, you can put them into the tail ties to shorten the length.
  • This strap is easy to put on and take off. Instruction included in the package. It might smell a little in a sealed package, when you receive it, please place it in open air for 2 or 3 days to let the smell gone.

Product description

Size Name:Neoprene

This Rayzm strap provides you comfort and freedom of movements while you play your saxophone.

For the neck saxophone strap, you may have neck pain after hanging a heavy saxophone on your neck for a few hours,
but if you use the "double shoulders" harness strap where the "X" part lies on your back,
you will find the two shoulder straps are slippery to fall off your shoulders during playing.
However, this Rayzm saxophone strap combines the advantages of both designs to give you comfort and freedom of movements when you play your saxophone.

Padded neoprene saxophone strap:
The Neoprene pad with 0.8cm thickness memory foam cushion is soft, light and elastic, and the nylon belts connect with the neoprene pad is at your neck,
so this design make this strap fit your neck good, no slippery.
It relieve the burden of the heavy saxophone to provide you maximum comfort.
Genuine leather on this strap is robust and durable for a long lasting use. 

Metal hook won't break like the flimsy plastic hook, you have no risk of breaking your valuable saxophone.

Length Adjustable:
This saxophone strap is adjustable to fit for both adults and children. 
2 heavy-duty plastic buckles are to adjust the strap length to suit for different body types. Nylon belts width:2.5cm.

There are 2 ties at the end of the nylon belts, you can use them to shorten the length of the belts if they are too long to hinder your saxophone playing. 

Specifications :

Rayzm Padded harness saxophone strap for Alto/Tenor/Soprano/Baritone Saxophones

- Suits for: Adults and Children
- Material for pad: Neoprene SBR Memory foam + Genuine cow leather
- Material for other parts : Nylon belts+ Zinc alloy hook+ Plastic buckles
- Pad thickness: 0.8cm
- Pad width: 3.5-6.2cm
- Pad length: 38cm
- Nylon belts width: 2.5cm
- Package size: 28*18*2cm
- Weight: 140g

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