Rayzm Violin Stand with Bow Holder, Adjustable Portable Fold

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Brand: Rayzm
Model No.: MS-5
UPC: 608807075681
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  • This metal stand with durable black powder coat is sturdy for holding small instruments like Violin, Mandolin, Ukulele (soprano/concert only, no more bigger size tenor /baritone)
  • Φ22mm and Φ19mm diameter metal tubes are robust to hold your instrument securely. The upper tube has 16cm grooves that you can adjust the stand height from 36cm to 52cm to suit different instruments.
  • The "U" shape neck-rest and body rest where your instrument is in contact with this stand are covered with thick EVA padding that can protect the finish of your instrument.
  • A security lock on the neck-rest helps you to keep your valuable instrument in place. And a Φ1.2cm diameter hole on the body rest fits for most violin bows.
  • This stand is easy to set up and dismantle. The tripod legs can be folded flat for transportation, with anti-slip plastic bottom to protect your floor or carpet in use.

Product description

Keeping your instrument on a stand not only decorate your room, but also helps you to have a quick access to play!
This Rayzm stand with a strong, sturdy metal construction is designed for violin, mandolin or small size soprano/ concert ukulele.
Making your instrument look visually on this stand and having it ready for play in any minute will save your time and encourage you to practice more!
When it is not being played, your instrument is a lovely work of art in your room.

Padded Neck Rest and Body Rest: 
Two "U" shape parts where your instrument contacts with this stand are covered with protective EVA padding for protecting your instrument's finish.
There is a security lock on the neck rest to hold your instrument in place.
The Φ1.2cm diameter hole is suitable for most standard violin bows at the market. 

Height Adjustment:
The two metal tubes are very strong (Φ22mm / Φ19mm diameter). 
The stand height can be adjustable from 36cm to 52cm by the grooves on the small tube to fit different musical instrument. 

Note: To make this stand sturdy, the knob must be aligned with the groove and locked tightly. 

Foldable and Easy to Use:
This stand can be folded flat to a small size for transportation. 
Take it with you for performance, your instrument will be safe on it during the interval, instead of being left at risk on a chair or leaning against somewhere. 
When the tripod legs are correctly setup according to the instruction included , it is very stable. 
(Just unfold the three legs out until they click into the groove where they lock into place.)

Suits for :violin, mandolin, soprano/concert ukulele
Material : metal + Eva Padding + Rubber + ABS plastic
Adjustable Height: 36cm -52cm
Tripod legs length: 21cm * 8cm (one leg is shorter)
Tubing size: Φ22mm / Φ19mm
Package: 33*11.5*8cm, 0.73kg



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