Rayzm Alto/Tenor Saxophone Stand

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Brand: Rayzm
Model No.: MS-4
UPC: 608807075698
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  • This metal stand with durable black powder coat is sturdy for holding alto saxophone and tenor saxophone. A removable plastic peg is a nice option for holding clarinet or flute as well.
  • The top "U " shape bell grip is covered with thick foam that can protect the finish of your valuable saxophone from scratches. (The opening at the middle bottom of the foam is for installing the inner metal tube, this doesn't mean it is a defective product)
  • The lower "U" shape saxophone body rest is covered with EVA pad to protect your saxophone. There are 2 holes that you can adjust the position according to your saxophone's size and shape.
  • There is 4cm height slight adjustment on the tube to fit alto / tenor saxophone. Please make sure the knob should be aligned with the 4cm height groove and should be locked very tight for stability of this stand.
  • The 3 legs on the tripod is foldable for storage when it is not in use or taking out for transportation, with anti-slip rubber bottom to protect your floor or carpet.

Product description

Having your instrument in a visible sight for a quick access to practice whenever you want. 
This Rayzm stand with a strong, sturdy metal construction is designed for holding your alto saxophone or tenor saxophone securely. 
Making your saxophone look visually on this stand and having it ready for play in any minute will save you much more time than taking it out from your case, then more time for practice!
When it is not being played, your instrument is a lovely work of art in your room.

Padded Saxophone Stand with Height Adjustment:
Two "U" shape parts of this stand where the saxophone contacts are covered with protective materials for not scratching the finish of your saxophone.
The lower body rest can be placed in either of 2 holes to adjust the position for different brands of alto / tenor saxophone. 
A slight height adjustment can also be made by the 4cm groove at the end of the back rest tube. 

There is an opening at the middle bottom of the bell grip so that the metal tube can go inside the foam, this is not a quality problem.
The screw must be aligned with the 4cm groove on the tube and tightly locked for stability. 
To make this stand sturdy, please spread the tripod legs out very wide.

Flute / Clarinet Holder:
There is a removable screw-in peg for flute or clarinet. 
It is good for people who can play 2 kinds of instruments: saxophone (alto or tenor) and flute (or clarinet)

Foldable Size:
The tripod base is foldable, easy to assemble and disassemble, and is good for either storage or travel. 
The tripod legs are covered with anti-slip rubber feet to protect your floor or carpet in use. 

Suits for : alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet
Material : metal with black powder coating + Foam / Eva Pad 
Product size : as indicated in the photo
Package: 38*14*10cm, 0.99kg

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